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Thin Hair Savior

Les Soie work with you to healthy hair

Improves hair density

Improves hair follicle condition

SGS Testing – Dimethicone Free

This product does not contain dimethicone. It has a deep cleansing effect without disrupting the oil balance. There will be a dry feeling at the beginning of use. After the hair gradually returns to health, it will return to freshness and softness.

Luscious Curls
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From the hoe in the field, the efficacy of the product is demonstrated.

Cultivating organic coffee vanilla pods from the source.

Create unique safe and efficient raw materials.


We  insist  on  using  the  best  ingredients

All product has a complete process from raw materials to production plants

All our products are pH 4.5-5.5. It is weak acid shampoo.


In order to foam quickly, most shampoos often use alkaline foaming agents to make the pH of the shampoo more alkaline. Contacting the scalp and hair during cleaning will destroy the healthy acidity and alkalinity. Too much of alkaline cleaning will open the hair cuticles, expand the epidermis, lose water and nutrients. It will also cause the hair rough to the touch and dry itchy scalp. Itching and often scratching, it is easy to cause repeated inflammation of the scalp, which in turn leads to hair loss and hair thinning. 

Physicians suggest that using shampoo wit a pH 4.9-5.5 is an important way to maintain a good scalp environment. Choose weak acidic shampoo suitable for scalp and skin, maintain normal working hours, having a good rest and sleep, having a balanced diet and using the correct hair care products, which is the fundamental way to maintain healthy hair and scalp.

The vanilla ingredient contains high unit caffeine, which can regulate the oil balance of the scalp for a long time. Opening the pores, reduce the greasy feeling of the scalp and form a protective film on the surface of the hair shaft to protect the hair from the damage caused by friction and hot air then reduce frizz and make hair smoother and easier to comb.



  • Plant extract ingredients.

  • Ingredients that will make your hair shinier and silkier without clogging your scalp or causing buildup.

  • Our product contains a blend of nourishing essential oils to create an intensive reconstructing treatment with a fresh scent for brittle, thirsty hair.

  • It can prevent hair breakage, help hair strands from excellent protective film and reduce frizzy.

  • Making hair more elastic and less prone to breakage.

  • Hydrolyzed protein can help close the hair scales, prevent color loss after dyeing and make the color more long-lasting.

The secret to volumizing hair

Why insist on using natural plant extracts?

  1. pH value 5.5 is the best conditioning environment for the scalp.

  2. The dual extracts of plants and essential oils can achieve comprehensive conditioning of the scalp.

  3. The special enveloping structure of the plant can increase the thickness of the of the hair.

Ways to delay aging :

  1. Supplement vitamins and other nutrients

  2. Get enough sleep

  3. Massage the scalp properly

  4. Use Les Soie shampoo for confidence and smoothness

Long Hair
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