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Wet Hair
Why does ordinary shampoo grow new fine hair but it falls off quickly? 

It is normal for hair to grow new strands, but regular shampoo only cleans the surface of the scalp. The deeper layers of the scalp can remain blocked, preventing proper nutrition from reaching new hair. This can result in pain even after the hair grows out, and eventually causes it to fall off. 

Can hair loss problem be improved from daily life?

While good living habits and a healthy diet can promote healthy hair growth, as we age, the growth of new hair can become limited. Therefore, it is important to use effective and suitable shampoos to support hair growth and maintain scalp health. 

Why you should choose Les Soie Shampoo?

Our exclusive plant extracts are highly concentrated, with levels reaching up to 50%. With our special extraction methods, including essential oil compounds, our products can effectively activate hair follicles and improve scalp oil secretion, leading to healthier hair and scalp. 

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